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Super Bowl 50 Commercial Preview: Pokemon (#Pokemon20)

Super Bowl 50 Commercial Preview: Budweiser featuring Helen Mirren

Super Bowl 50 Commercial Preview - Hyundai (featuring Ryan Reynolds)

Live, candid critiques from advertising veteran Tim Burt. 

Tim has more than 30,000 commercials (and counting) to his name. As featured in The Wall Street Journal, Huffington Post, Radio Ink, and other publications.

Most Super Bowl commercials are entertaining, but in reality, are a huge waste of money.

This year, the average advertisement will cost $5 million.

Don’t believe me? Read this article.

I judge the ads (as I do every year) on what will generate traffic to the advertiser, not entertainment value.


Percentage of Super Bowl commercials that are ineffective and/or don't generate revenue for the advertiser.

Who Is Tim Burt?

A 25-year radio veteran, Tim has more than 30,000 commercials to his name. He has worked with the largest global corporations, to small businesses around the world, for such businesses as Burger King, South African Airways, and McDonalds.

During the game, Tim delivers honest, instant analysis and critique of the Super Bowl commercials. Not on the entertainment factor, but on which ads have the best chance of generating traffic for the advertiser(s).

He was a featured guest expert panelist for the Wall Street Journal during Super Bowl 48 (2014).